Alexander, William, 1909-1997

Collection, 1943-1993: 1 folder (8 leaves, 2 cassettes)

William Alexander – born in Brooklyn, architect and student of Frank Lloyd Wright. He graduated from New York University. Influenced by Mies Van der Rohe, Alexander came to California to design the “Hangover House” in Laguna for world-famed adventurer and author Richard Halliburton. He assisted Schoenberg in the redesign of Schoenberg's Brentwood studio.


biographical information (1 item), family tree 8-measure handwritten excerpt of Schoenberg's Piano concerto, op. 42, with dedication "To Mr. William Alexander, Arnold Schoenberg, March 1943"

cassettes (2 items: 1993) of interview of Alexander by Herreshoff

clippings (2 items: 1977-1989) on Alexander by Gerald Faris & Beth Kleid

photographs (4 items: 1938-1948) of Arnold, Gertrud, Nuria, & Ronald Schoenberg

press release (1 item: 1983) on Alexander obituary (1 item: 1997) of Alexander

Music cited

op. 42