Cambridge University

Collection, 1928-1981: 1 folder, 2 books

Cambridge University--(founded England in the early 12th century) consists of a number of colleges. One of these, King's College (founded 1441) houses the collection of Edward Dent, who was one of its longtime teachers. Dent was also the founder and first president of the International Society for Contemporary Music, which was an important presenter for the performance of some of Schoenberg's works.


books (2 items) on Edward Dent
correspondence (23 items: 1923-1981) with Cambridge University (Edward Dent), Roberto Gerhard, Arnold Schönberg, Gertrud Schönberg et al.


ASI (Clara Steuermann (6 items: 1976-1981))
Cambridge University (Margaret Cranmer (3 items: 1976-1981), Hugh Taylor (1 item: 1980))
Roberto Gerhard (3 items: 1923-1950)
Arnold Schönberg (5 item: 1928-1949)
Gertrud Schönberg (5 items: 1933-1964)