Eastman School of Music (Rochester)

Collection, 1935-1985: 1 box (8 folders (445 leaves)), 28 microfiche, 2 microfilms

Eastman School of Music--established in 1921, its Sibley Music Library houses one of the finest collections of music books, scores, manuscripts, etc. in the United States. Some Schoenberg materials from the publishing firm of G. Schirmer in New York have been deposited in the Library.


book, Models for Beginners in Composition (typed manuscript with additions and corrections in Schoenberg's hand) (86 leaves)
correspondence (6 items: 1985) with Mary Wallace Davidson, et al.
dissertation (microfiche)--Joseph B. Henry's A Study of Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire (DMA, University of Rochester, 1965)
score, Kammersymphonie no. 1, op. 9 (manuscript on onion skin) (39 leaves)
score, Kammersymphonie no. 1, op. 9b (page 1) (2 leaves)
score, Violin Concerto, op. 36 (ozalid reproduction of condensed manuscript
score with corrections in pencil added) (111 leaves)
score, String Quartet no. 4, op. 37 (manuscript with corrections in pencil, etc. added) (63 leaves)
score, Kammersymphonie no. 2, op. 38 (ozalid, unknown copyist) (87 leaves)
score, Violoncello Concerto after Monn (piano reduction with corrections by Schoenberg) (48 leaves)


ASI (Jerry McBride (2 items: 1985))
Eastman School of Music (Louise Goldberg (2 items: 1985), John S. Mahoney (1 item: 1985))
G. Schirmer Inc. (John A. Santuccio (1 item: 1985))

Music cited

Opp. 9, 9b, 21, 36, 37, 38, Violoncello concerto