Kotte Autographs (Stuttgart)

Collection, 1908-2003: 1 folder (33 leaves)

Thomas Kotte-antiquarian and autograph sales, Stuttgart (Germany).


correspondence (8 items: 9 leaves, 1910-2003)
text manuscript (1 item: 4 leaves, autograph libretto of “Moses und Aron”, 1934)

auction item descriptions and illustrations for:
letters (37 items: 1902-1950) to ASCAP, Hugo Botstiber, Harold Byrns, Marya Freund, Ida Guttmann, Hans Heinsheimer, Peter Salm, Karl Stiegler, Wiefler, Georg Wolfssohn; from Gertrud Schönberg to Marya Freund; from Georg Schönberg 
dedication (3 items: 1932-1934) for Fritz Mehlich,  Adolf Leichtle, Julius Toldi (on photograph), Thomas H. Chapman (with music quotation), on score of op. 10 
advice of receipt (1926), Collection of autographs by viennese artists, correspondence with American Composers Alliance, Hugo Botstiber, Harold Byrns, Rollo Myers, Staatsoper Berlin
music (3 items: 1894-1969) autograph with music example (1947), score of of op. 10 with autograph signature (no date), 2 signed sheets of op. 10,3 (1922), typescript of op. 35 with handwritten cover by Schönberg, Collection of autographs by modern composers (ca. 1930), Hans Nachod's copy of piano score of Gurre-Lieder
photograph (1 items) of Schoenberg


ASC (Therese Muxeneder (1 item: 2002))
Kotte Autographs (1 item: 2003)
Arnold Schönberg (35 items: 1902-1949)
Gertrud Schönberg (2 items: 1952-1955)
Georg Schönberg (1 item: after 1950)

Music cited
op. 9, op. 10, op. 35, Gurre-Lieder, Jacobsleiter