Moskau-Berlin/Berlin-Moskau 1900-1950

Collection, 1995-1996: 1 folder (18 leaves), 2 books

Moskau-Berlin/Berlin-Moskau 1900-1950 was the central exhibition of the Berliner Festwochen in the fall of 1995. Encompassing visual arts, photography, architecture, theater, literature, music, and film, the exhibition sought to demonstrate parallel artistic and political development in the wake of modernization in the two capital cities. Ekhard John organized the music division of the exhibition, which was on display in Berlin (3 September 1995 to 7 January 1996) and Moscow (1 March to 1 July 1996).


books (2 items: 1995)
clippings (12 leaves: only those reviews relevant to the music division)
correspondence (2 items: 1996)
flier (1 item: 1995)
postcard (Berlinische Galerie im Martin-Gropius-Bau)


ASI (R. Wayne Shoaf (1 item: 1996))
Eckhard John (1 item: 1996)