V009: Gurre-Lieder

Non-commercial, VHS (PAL), color, in German with Dutch subtitles (1988), 2:17:00.

Produced by ZDF, Berlin.

Time Description
0:00 Performance of Ravel String Quartet
2:55 Recording cuts off. Beginning of program: "Middagvoorstelling muziek." Introduction to Gurre-Lieder. Scenes from Danish countryside, portrait of Jens Peter Jacobsen, poet. Narrator relates the story, accompanied by excerpts from Schoenberg's work. Jessye Norman sings Tove and Abbado conducts in footage of a rehearsal.
11:30 Interview with Norman; rehearsal continues.
14:00 Titles, orchestra tunes, conductor and soloists enter.
16:00 Performance begins (I. Teil)
22:25 Rehearsal 9: Waldemar's entrance
26:45 Rehearsal 19: Tove's entrance
30:00 Rehearsal 28: Waldemar, "Roß! mein Roß!"
35:00 Rehearsal 44: Waldemar, "So tanzen die Engel"
41:30 Rehearsal 55: Waldemar, "Es ist Mitternachtszeit"
48:00 Rehearsal 65: Tove, "Du sendest mir einen Liebesblick"
53:30 Rehearsal 72: Waldemar, "Du wunderliche Tove!"
1:04:20 Rehearsal 96: Waldtaube's entrance
1:16:00 End of I. Teil. Story about the young performing musicians and the European Community Youth Orchestra. Footage of rehearsal with Abbado. More about the Gurre-Lieder story. Sukowa rehearses the Sprechstimme part.
1:24:30 Performance resumes (II. Teil)
1:30:30 III. Teil begins
1:33:50 Rehearsal 8: Bauer's entrance
1:42:00     Rehearsal 31: Waldemar, "Mit Toves Stimme flüstert der Wald"
1:45:45 Rehearsal 39: Klaus Narr's entrance
1:54:50 Rehearsal 66: Men's chorus, "Der Hahn erhebt den Kopf zur Kraht"
2:00:00 Rehearsal 74: Des Sommerwindes wilde Jagd
2:03:40 Rehearsal 79: Speaker's entrance
2:12:50 End of piece, applause, bows
2:17:00 Announcement of upcoming programs, commercials, station identification.


Conductor: Claudio Abbado
Tove: Jessye Norman
Waldemar: George Gray
Waldtaube: Brigitte Fassbaender
Bauer: Hartmut Welker
Klaus Narr: Philip Langridge
Speaker: Barbara Sukowa
Wiener Jeunesse Chor (prepared by Günther Theuring)
Philharmonischer Chor Berlin (prepared by Uwe Gronostay)
Ernst Senff Chor Berlin (prepared by Ernst Senff)
European Community Youth Orchestra
Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester