V026: Les Musiciens du Quatuor: Variations sur un Theme Europeen, 2me Mouvement

1991, VHS (PAL), color, 1:00:00, in English and German with French subtitles

L'I.N.A. / La S.E.P.T. / C.S.T. / M.T.V. France
Produced by Georges Zeisel
Scenario by Georges Zeisel and Catherine Zins

Time Description
00:00 Credits
01:15 Quartets competing at the Portsmouth International String Quartet Competition (1988)
02:50 Interview with Walter Levin of the LaSalle Quartet
03:30 Scenes of Prague and Budapest and Vienna while quartet plays Beethoven no. 9, II
06:00 Interview with Sándor Végh of the Végh Quartet
07:00 Quartet rehearsing at the Vienna Musikakademie, coached by Günter Pichler of the Alban Berg Quartet
08:22 Interview with Pichler
10:00 Alban Berg Quartet performing Schubert quartet no. 14 ("Death and the Maiden")
12:18 Interview with Pichler
12:41 Interview with Yehudi Menuhin (in French) about the influence of Hungarian musical style on German composers
14:38 Footage of popular (peasant) dance in Transylvania
15:00 Interview with Végh
16:25 Quartet rehearsing at the Budapest Academy of Music, coached by Sándor Devich
19:20 Interview with Devich
20:45 Keller Quartet rehearsing Bartók quartet no. 2, coached by András Mihály
22:15 Interview with Mihály
23:30 Quartet rehearsal (Bartók 2nd)
25:00 Interview with Végh
26:45 Interview with Přemysl Špidlen, Prague instrument maker
28:55 Smetana Quartet performing Smetana quartet no. 1
30:00 Interview with Antonín Kohout of the Smetana Quartet
31:25 Smetana Quartet performing Janáček quartet no. 1
33:13 Martinu Quartet rehearsing the Janáček quartet no. 2 at the Prague Academy of Music, coached by Milan Skampa
36:38 Interview with the Martinu Quartet
37:22 Quatuor Arpeggione rehearsing the Debussy string quartet, coached by Serge Collot
38:11 Interview with Végh
38:44 Quartuor Arpeggione
41:15 Interview with Collot
42:10 Quartuor Arpeggione
44:30 Photos and recordings of famous early string players, footage of Jeno Hubay (1937)
45:30 Interview with Végh
46:30 Végh Quartet (with E. Czakó) performing the Schubert quintet D. 956 (for 2 cellos)
47:49 Interview with Végh
48:25 Lafayette String Quartet (USA) competing in Portsmouth with the Beethoven quartet no. 7
49:25 Interview with the Lafayette Quartet
50:45     Interview with Walter Levin of the LaSalle Quartet
52:30 Shanghai Quartet competing with the Beethoven quartet no. 8
53:20 Interview with Hatto Beyerle and Walter Levin
54:50 Menuhin announces results of Portsmouth Competition
55:15 Interview with Martinů Quartet
56:00 Quartet rehearsing, coached by Pichler. Interview with Pichler.
58:35 Credits