Milley (Jane E.) Collection

Jane E. Milley was Dean of the College of Fine Arts at California Institute from 1989–1994. During this time, she intended to write a monograph on Leonard Stein, which was never finished. The collection contains correspondence, documents from Oral History of Arts Archive in the Library of California State University at Long Beach, and several typescripts of articles by Leonard Stein.


articles by Leonard Stein (typescripts with autograph corrections)
biography of Leonard Stein (typescript carbon copy and handwritten manuscript)
correspondence (6 items: 1975-2007) with Christian Meyer, Jane E. Milley, Clare G. Rayner, Leonard Stein
oral History interview material
Raynor materials on S. California European Emigres & biblio. of CSULB archives

articles by Leonard Stein
Expressionism in Music: Relations and Documents
Musical Tradition and Comprehension
Arnold Schoenberg: Tradition and Revolution
Ein Stelldichein: A Schoenberg Fragment